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Glass windows in the office cannot be cleaned every day, only once a year the windows could be cleaned and that is the reason the curtains are very important to the office and residence. There are plenty of curtains available in the market from very cheap rate to costly rate curtains are sold in the market and this could be used as the safeguard for the glass windows. Once the curtain is installed the glass remains its beauty. The beauty is very important in the office, because in a day there many customers and other officials from different places are visiting the office for different and different purposes. When the curtains are not installed in the office the glass doors would be with the dust and this dust would be carried by the visitors and they get health disorders. This is the only reason even in the homes the curtains are installed. Actually the curtains are not for the decoration for the glasses all these are important for the glasses. morans


Without the curtain the glass would be looking without transparency and a person cannot see the glass who are behind the glass for this purpose people buy curtains only from hsv international this organization is also famous for collecting scrap from various places the scrap is disposed by the industries once in a week, the industries are allotting only a small place to load the scrap so the space is badly required by the companies, once the scrap is cleared the space becomes empty and they can use again to replace the new scraps had for the fresh week. It is hard to find two in one companies, normally a company is selling curtain means, and the company would not be interested to do any other business. At the same time, when the companies are requesting to take the scrap materials of the industrial companies the company is thinking to start a scrap buying and the company gets familiarity for the both businesses. However, the homes must have to have the curtain because the homemaker cannot do all the glass windows.



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